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Tulip Harvesting

When harvesting Tulips you can harvest with or without the bulb. We have a small space and need to have the bed clear and ready for the next crop so we harvest with the bulb on to avoid digging them out later. It is easier to pull the bulbs up in raised beds like ours.

Sometimes you don't get the bulb, that's okay. As you harvest you can pull off the foliage closer to the bottom of the stems that are too low or look floppy to make the cleaning process quicker later.

Once you've pulled all that you need, bring your stems over to a table to clean off and bunch. Grab 10 stems varying in bloom times, trim stems at a 45 degree angle and again pull off leaves that are too low.

Once you have 10 clean stems trimmed to the correct length, bunch with a rubber band. If you are bringing to a florist sitting them in a bucket is fine. If you are selling to the public then its nice to wrap in paper and depending on the situation, add a wet wrap to the bottom.

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