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What is a cut flower garden?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We often have friends and family who ask for advice on what to plant in their own yards and gardens... and we don't exactly know how to answer! Cut flower gardens are different than typical home gardens. For us, we farm cut flowers on a small scale to sell to florist and to the public. Our beds are not designed for show because we constantly cut them. Most of the flowers we grow are "cut and come again" which means exactly that- as we cut them they continue to come back! Typically the flowers you are buying at the store and planting in your yard aren't made to grow tall stems to be cut.

That's not to say a cutting garden isn't right for you, maybe you want to cut a little here and there to brighten your space or to have the perfect gift on hand. If that is the case, find the sunniest spot in your yard, possibly a place that guests wont notice, and fill it with plants that are grown to be cut.

Here was our first attempt at a cutting garden at Holt Park. We mixed together Marigolds, Celosia and Zinnias.

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