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bloomhouse bucket Subscription

Bloomhouse Buckets are loose stem flower buckets that showcase the best quality local blooms available that week. Our buckets are design ready as they follow a standard design recipe and are curated each week by our lead designer, Jess. Sourcing locally is a celebration of seasonality and the variety from farmers week to week. Select delivery zones available or choose to pick up your subscription bucket at the farm and have the opportunity to see where your flowers are grown and chat with the owners, Sam and Jess!

To become a subscriber please email us to ensure you are in our current delivery zone
Cut flower farmer

Filled with the perfect design recipe, these curated buckets aim to be everything you need to make your own arrangement.  Loose stems are also great to spread the love through bud vases or smaller posies for friends. Buckets can be used as a DIY activity and make a great project for all ages.

Are you a storefront who would prefer a ready to go bouquet? Do you love the idea of fresh flowers but too intimidated by designing? Get your bucket designed and pre wrapped in a bouquet!

each bucket includes a variety of flowers including
Line flowers

 focal flowers

filler flowers

Secondary flowers

 special / interesting textures that make designing easy

we offer 3 sizes
$50 for 21 stems

$70 for 29 stems

 $100 for 41 stems  

subscriptions are customizable
Subscription options are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Subscriptions are customizable and can run indefinitely or plan to be for a limited time. You can pay for your subscription in full or payment can taken in increment auto pay on day of delivery. Inquires for one time bucket delivery must be approved to confirm your address is in our delivery zone. Pick up at the farm is also available.
Examples of how to use a bloomhouse bucket subscription
-  Send a new mom flowers once a month for 6 months

- Get a bi-weekly buckets delivered to your store front

- Gift a 3 month subscription to friends or family

Our delivery days are currently Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will receive a reminder email the day before your scheduled delivery and a confirmation text once your bucket is delivered.  

Inquire by email to confirm you are in our delivery range or to request pick up option. 

Please email us If you are looking to make a one time bucket order or bulk order of stems for DIY projects or flower bar filler. Orders must be placed at least 3 weeks in advance from your delivery or pick up date.

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